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Paul Begge (Pavel Begge), (earlier as Paul Crank) was born in 1989, since 2006 has started to take a great interest gradually in music and listens to albums "Linkin Park" and "Rammstein". After a while having visited in an open disco and having heard rhythmical music, has understood - that electronic music is its style and has wanted to find other executors in similar styles. Once on the Internet Paul downloads "Trance Around The World 144 with Above and Beyond" (draught and interest to Progressive and Uplifting has begun with this release). Soon it finds and listens to radio shows "Global DJ Broadcast", "Trancemission" and is final "A State оf Trance with Armin van Buuren" which becomes its idol.
Passes time and in 2007 Paul gets program Techno E-Jay 4 and then it at once is accepted to its detailed studying, searches additional samples, learns elements - there are its first trial works - but to it of it a little and he searches for something new and starts to master programs "Frutty Loops Studio 8", "Virtual DJ" and already is completely given to music. Thereby the passion and love to music promptly grows, and in 2008 its one more idol becomes known Dutch Dj and producer - Sander van Doorn. After numerous prowhispers of its album "Supernaturalistic" and its other tracks and remixes. Paul has been amazed by unique style of its compositions which show a perfect mix of elements trance, techno and progressive and continues to experiment different musicians.
In 2009 Paul opens for itself one of branches of music of techno - minimal techno. And this style seizes its reason then new
series of its jobs begins.
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В Kroogi с 13 июля 2010
Paul-Begge пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!